Before you buy a building

Please see the printable Pre-delivery Requirements sheet.

  1. Check your local building codes

    barn delivery at Hill View Mini Barns Towns vary in the requirements for placing buildings. It's your responsibility to check the local codes before you put a deposit down (remember that deposits are non-refundable).

    Special consideration has to be given to sites along the water and for sites on small lots in town. Check with your town and have the building permit in hand before you put money down. We give written estimates so you know what you'll be paying ahead of time.

  2. Where is the building being placed?

    Most of the storage buildings have pressure treated skids on the bottom that can rest on a gravel base. We recommend a gravel base because it's less expensive than a slab, water can drain through, and weeds will have a hard time getting a foothold in it. It's not recommended to put the building directly on grass. Putting the building on blocks is difficult because it's tricky to get the blocks placed just right under the center of the building.

    We need space to get into the site to place the building. Make sure there is a straight lane so that we can back the truck and trailer up to the gravel base. We can get into more complicated sites by using our 'mule' (mobile forklift).

    We can schedule a gravel base for you and would be glad to quote a job for you. If you're doing your own gravel work, make sure it's flat, level, and extends at least a foot beyond the building all around. For buildings with a ramp, have the gravel extend underneath that as well.

    The larger horse barns and homes have different requirements. Please contact one of the sales team for information.

  3. Financing

    At this time, Hill View Mini Barns does not have a financing program. If you'd like to spread your payments you can do our 'Rent to Own' program. This is an option for buildings between $1500 and $15,000. This allows you to pay rent and part of the cash price each month for 24 or 36 months - in the end you become the owner of the building. This is not an option for camps

    For homes, we have a resource that we can refer you to. You can also check your bank or credit union to see what options they would have.

  4. Delivery schedule

    We try to schedule deliveries at or around the time of purchase. Please keep in mind that deliveries are dependent on a lot of variables. Although we keep our equipment in top condition, there are times when unexpected breakdowns happen.