Rental-Purchase Program for Maine Locations

Are you still renting a storage unit?

Do you need storage but lack the money to pay in full?
Why not rent a building and own it after 2, 3 or 4 years?!

  • Three payment options on most buildings - 24, 36, or 48 months
  • Low monthly payments to fit your budget
  • No need to drive miles away to a storage unit
  • Choose the style, size, and colors just like buying outright (see limitations below)
  • Payoff early if desired with no penalty- percentage of total payments made goes to "Rental-Purchase" program.
  • Get started with 1 month payment plus the last month (security deposit).
  • No credit check
  • Convenient automatic payment plan
  • You get a high quality storage building to use on your property.
  • You own the building in the end of only 2, 3, or 4 years after making all of the rent payments.

Rent to Own a storage building after only 24, 36 or 48 payments . Compare this to renting a storage unit miles from your home or business. Choose from one of our inventory storage buildings or have one made with the options that you want. We do the delivery and can do the gravel base for you. We have automated payment processing so you won't have to think about mailing a check each month.

storage unit rental
Conventional storage unit
  • You never own it
  • Concrete floor can create moisture problems
  • Inconvenient to access
  • No privacy
  • Hard to organize
rent to own building
Your own storage rental
  • After 2, 3, or 4 years it's yours!
  • Dry wood floors
  • Keep it on your property- access whenever you want
  • Privately located on your property
  • Order with storage loft or work bench
  • Choose from a variety of options

You'll be getting a building that's built in Maine for the Maine climate. Check these building details:

  • Now offering RTO on most buildings under $15,000!
  • Many styles and sizes to choose from
  • 2"x4" framing 16" on center - for roof, walls, and floor on most buildings
  • Built on 4"x4" treated skids
  • Advantech flooring
  • Long lasting and tight SmartSide® siding
  • Your choice of our many paint colors
  • Limited Lifetime Architectural shingles (choose one of our colors)
  • Delivery to your Maine location on our specially built trailers

The following guidelines apply. Please contact our sales team for more detail.

  • Rent to Own for Maine locations only.
  • No buildings used for habitation are eligible.
  • Building value must be less than $15,000.
  • Limited to Maine deliveries for Rental - Purchase program.
  • Delivery, first month, and last month (security deposit) to begin.
  • Choose an in stock building or order one.
  • Most buildings under $15,000 are eligible. A couple of exceptions are the boat swing and lean-to barn.
  • Maine sales tax is due on all final payments.
  • Consumer does not acquire ownership right until the total of payment to acquire ownership is paid.

Here are a few examples:

Building Size Cash Price 24 month 36 month 48 month
8x8 Low Side $2,635 146.39 121.99 99.81
12x24 A-frame $7,295 405.28 337.73 276.33
14x32 High Side $10,290 571.67 476.39 389.77

Please call one of our offices at 207-269-2800 for current price and monthly payments or visit the stock building page for examples on our current inventory.