Painted Chicken Coops for Backyard and Small Flock Farming

Need a dry place to put your chickens? These chicken coops have everything you need to start raising your own chickens, ducks, or other birds! Egg gathering is quick and simple with the easy to clean, plastic nesting boxes.

See the chicken coops that we have in stock here. Others can be ordered.

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We have chicken coops that can be painted in a variety of colors and come in various sizes. They are available in 3 main sizes as well as a 10'x16' combination coop/storage building.

The siding on these painted coops is SmartSide® which holds paint well and gives years of service. Currently there are 16 different paint color choices as well as 2 urethane colors.

Due to changing material prices, there may be a lumber surcharge added on all posted prices. Please call for current pricing.

Martin Cream
8'x10' Chicken Coop

Why a Hill View Mini Barn Coop?

  • Screened windows for ventilation
  • Additional gable vent
  • Easy to collect and clean nesting box
  • Chickens can easily go in and out with
  • Full size entrance door makes for
    easy maintenance
6'x8' - $2,875
6'x10' - $3,125
8'x10' - $3,465
Martin Cream
Roosting Board and Chicken Door/Ramp
chicken nesting boxes
Nesting Boxes

Coop and Storage Shed Combo

Coop shed combo interior
Interior showing storage area
Coop shed with urethane stain
Combination coop and storage - with oak urethane stain.
chicken coop shed layout
10'x16' Chicken Coop and Storage Barn Combo - $5,750