The "Rockwood" Certified One Bedroom Maine Camp

log sided home plan
Home planning can take time... Contact us to start planning your home for 2025!

This is a certified home, meaning it has gone through the Maine approved inspection/certification process.

Are you looking for that perfect small home or finished off camp to place on your Maine property? This one bedroom home may be the solution. It's commpletely finished and uses high quality materials like the larger log sided homes.

Use it for a retirement home, Airbnb rental, Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), or solid cabin to spend long summer evenings at!

  • Single bedroom means it's easy to heat and maintain.
  • 22'x26' with 6'x12' covered porch - 572 sq ft of living area.
  • Bath with 36" shower, water heater, and full kitchen.
  • They're built in a climate controlled environment- saving costs and keeping materials in top condition.
  • Order with standard or full length porch.
  • They look beautiful on any property.
  • On-site construction is kept to a minimum- you're able to enjoy your home sooner.
  • Quality materials go into each building.
  • We've been selling and installing these buildings in various sizes for many years and we've been in the construction business for over 22 years.
  • From the design layout to the final details- the experienced team at Hill View Mini Barns will see that your home is built right.

The Rockwood, one bedroom home starts at $146,950

Please talk to one of our sales reps at 207-269-2800 to get details and approximate schedule.

Call for manufacturer information
See our complete camp brochure here.

Log Home FAQ

Yes. We have standard plans for each style and you can use those as a starting point for your own customizations.
That depends on a lot of factors including the manufacturer. You can see an updated schedule for our buildings including homes here. We always encourage our customers to plan ahead with a large purchase like this. It's best to have as many details as possible worked out before putting down a deposit.
These homes are stick framed with a log siding and pine board interior. This allows for a tighter home construction and less complications running plumbing and wiring. There also aren’t the same issues with checking of logs and settling of the home. With the log corner package, it has the same look of a traditional log home and the energy efficiency and benefits of a modern framed home. There's also less maintenance with a Cozy Cabin home!
It may be easier to say what’s not included! You get a complete home with exterior log siding and protective finish, insulation, interior finish, flooring, electrical and plumbing fixtures, shipping, crane, and setup costs - the list goes on.

You’ll be responsible for building permit, excavation and driveway, foundation, well and septic systems, plumbing and electrical connections, heating system, appliances, and furniture and window treatments.

We may be able to work as your general contractor if needed. This will depend on our schedule as well as the home installation location. Please call for more information.
The homes meet or exceed the building code requirements for modular construction. For some specifics -Wall Insulation: R-21 (No expensive additional insulation system that conventional log homes use)
Ceiling Insulation: R-49
The window thermal rating exceeds modular home code. Starting in 2023, new orders will receive triple pane insulated windows!

Information on Traditional full log homes as opposed to our log style method.
Yes. The standard is pine that has a clear finish. We have many options available, including flooring and cabinet choices, that will have your home feeling cozy!
We sit down and go over the different home plans and designs, working with your space requirements, site layout, design requirements, and budget. Once a design is agreed on, it’s sent to Cozy Cabins to have drawings completed. A deposit is required in order for construction to begin. At this point site work can be done and also the external utilities.

When the home is delivered, our crew will work with the crane contractor to place and and get the home weather tight quickly.

To be move-in ready also depends on the subcontractors involved and their schedules.
Homes range from about $135k for a 1-bedroom ranch up to approximately $400k for a 3-bedroom, 2-story home. Add in the site work, well, septic, and hooking up your utilities.
We don’t offer any in house financing at this time but encourage you to get financing through your local bank or credit union if needed.
Here's a pdf with a variety of larger available log home plans in one place. Home Plans PDF

Call 207-269-2800 or email to find out more about these homes