Pine Horse Barns - modular, shed row, run-in, or lean-to

Built horse-tough!

Modular horse barns

Several styles of horse barns are available ranging from single stall to multiple stalls with tack room, hay storage, and enclosed alley. These barns are built for discerning horse owners - and include features such as steel hardware, dutch doors, and oak kickboards on the interior for durability.

If you're looking for a horse barn that doesn't quite fit into these styles - just ask. We're able to make adjustments to get your horse into a barn that will be just right for it. Since 2005 we've been selling and installing these rugged buildings all over Maine and the rest of New England.

The barns are pre-assembled as much as possible so that any on-site work is kept to a minimum. With modular barns most of the work is done in a shop - not in your yard - for the least disruption to you. You can get your horses undercover in a short amount of time. Ask for referrels anytime.

Combination barn with stall, chicken coop, and storage [#02387].

Shed row barns

Two Bay with Tack Room- Pine Horse BarnThese single wide barns are available in sizes ranging from 10'x10' to 12'x44'. You can order a variety of configurations to meet your animal's needs. Order with a tack/grain room of the length that you need. Each stall area comes standard with a window with coated metal grill and 4' high kickboard around the perimeter. The stall also has a heavy dutch door so that you can keep the top section open for ventilation while keeping your horse secure inside. Heavy pin hinges are also included in the standard pricing.

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Run-in barns

Single Open Bay Horse BarnRun-in barns make economical shelters for your animals. They can be placed in the pasture or next to the main barn to give inexpensive protection from sun, wind, rain, and snow. The smallest is 8'x8' and they are available up to 12'x36'. The standard run-in barn comes with pine board and batten siding on the exterior and 30 year architectural shingles for a long, low maintenance life.

Add a hay rack for convenient hay feeding or a divider wall to keep some of your animals separated. You can also order with a tack room or grain storage room attached. Our sales staff will be glad to provide a free quote so you know exactly what to expect!

Modular horse barns

Modular Horse BarnThese are the largest of the barns that we offer. They are pre-built and delivered to your location so that there is a minimum of on-site construction. The High Country and Monitor come with a full hay loft built with a sturdy floor system.

The Trailside is the most economical of the large barns with no loft but plenty of stall and aisle space.

Just like the shed row barns, each stall has a grilled window and 4' oak kickboard on the interior. The stalls open to the center alley with a grilled roll door to maximize useable space.

Some of the options available are wash rooms, cupola with weather vane, exterior stall dutch doors, and tack rooms. Choose from the four stall 30' wide x 20' long barn, the large 36'x48' or any size in between. We're also able to "supersize" by building two barns end to end!

Call one of our experienced sales staff to get more details and a free estimate.

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Lean-to barns

Double wide horse barnWe've taken the standard shed row and added a lean-to roof! This gives protection from rain, snow, and sun allowing you to care for your horse while staying comfortable. The hinged lean-to roof is available in 8' or 10' width. If you'd like to add your own lean-to you can order a basic barn with a simple shed roof. Each stall has a grilled window and dutch door. If you get a storage room attached, it has a sliding window, pine entrance door, and wood floor.

The lean-to barns are available in sizes from 10'x10' to 12'x48'. They are delivered completely assembled in most cases and require only minimal finishing touches- which we provide. The lean-to barn is installed on customer supplied piers and gravel. Please call or email for more information.

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If you're looking for an affordable shelter for your horse or horses, this is the right solution. Why pay someone to board your horse when you could own one of these barns? Built with solid pine board and batten siding, oak half-walls on the interior, and oversized steel hardware, they're beautiful as well as functional. Your horse will be comfortable and sheltered from the weather. They are offered in a variety of sizes- open or enclosed with tack/storage/feed room. Hill View Mini Barns is a dealer for these sturdy, Amish-built barns. Come visit to experience how horse-ready they are! Call 1-207-269-2800 for pricing information delivered to your area.

Roll door on modular stall
Roll door on modular stall
Shed Row Barn with Lean-to Overhang
Shed Row Barn with Lean-to Overhang
Open Horse Barn
Open Horse Barn
Pine Horse Barn Details
Pine Horse Barn Details
Double Run-In Barn
Double Run-In Barn


  • Full width hay rack
  • Gable end vents
  • Copper roof cupola with horse weather vane
  • End Doors
  • Barred room dividers or solid wall
  • Roll door

Available configurations:

  • Single open run-in shed
  • Double open run-in shed
  • Single stall with tack/storage room
  • Double stall with tack/storage room
  • Center tack/feed room