Painted SmartSide® Camps

Simple presure treated porch - #856
Simple pressure treated porch option - #856
Camp with web porch option- #11668
New! Web porch option with finished cathedral ceiling - #11668

Hill View Mini Barns carries a full range of painted camps. These economical camps are ideal for hunting camps or lakeside cabins. They range in size from the 12' wide models to large 14'x44' camps.

There are many additional features that are available. Add on a log sided porch for rainy weather or an insulated floor and insulated chimney for colder weather. Standard windows or insulated vinyl windows in three sizes can be installed.

We also carry a full line of log sided cabins that are ideal for hunting camps, campground rentals, lakeside cabins, or retirement homes.

All of our camps and cabins are pre-built as much as possible in the shop to minimize on site construction thus saving you time and money. If you'd like to find out more about our sturdy camps give us a call, or e-mail.Printable Price Sheet

Camp with dormer and log rail porch
#54 - This Camp features a dormer over the
sliding glass door, and a log rail deck.
Camp with log porch
Camp with log porch
Standard Features
  • Long lasting LP® SmartSide® siding
  • 2"x4" walls, 16" o.c.
  • Fiberlass 9-lite entrance door
  • 3 insulated windows to let in the light
  • Architectural shingles (30 year) and roofing paper
  • Strong roof for Maine winters!
    2"x6" rafters, 16" o.c. for 90 # snow load
  • Integrated porch framing (where applicable)
  • Your choice of thirteen paint colors
  • Choose from other available options(see below) to meet your needs

Hill View Mini Barns has been building these camps for customers all across Maine (and beyond) for many years. We've built seasonal rental buildings for campgrounds, hunting camps for the sportsman, and lakeside cabins for low maintenance vacationing.

If you need a solid shelter set up to use in a short amount of time this may be your answer. They can be finished out by you, we can do the wiring, insulation, and pine interior for you.

** Note - These are not sold or certified as homes.


Options for Painted SmartSide® Camps

24"x36" Vinyl, Thermopane with shutters or trim $165.00
30"x36" Vinyl, Thermopane with shutters or trim $195.00
36"x40" Vinyl, Thermopane with shutters or trim$220.00
36"x60" Vinyl, Thermopane, Egress with shutters or trim $295.00
18"x27" Vinyl, Thermopane, with shutters or trim $150.00
Flower Box$30 to $38.00
Insulated Door no Glass $330.00
Insulated Door with Glass (9-lite)$385.00
Sliding Glass Door$815.00
4'x width of building$600.00
6'x width of building$700.00
8'x width of building$800.00
6’ screened porch (with cedar floor
& V match pine interior)
8’ screened porch (with cedar floor
& V match pine interior)
Pressure treated frame $.50 sq ft
Insulated, Metal Chimney See Sales Assoc.
Metal Roofing (5/12 pitch, stock colors) $100

Call 207-269-2800 or email to find out more about these homes.