Camps and Cabins

Sebec Camp

Sebec camp and cabinThe Sebec is our basic model that gives you a solid shelter when you want to relax on those weekend retreats to the Maine woods. The options are more limited but it's priced accordingly. Starting at $5,720 for a 10'x16' the included porch and wood interior will allow you to securely keep your camp items clean and dry. When summer guests arrive, it can also be used as an expanded living area.

    Price includes:
  • 3 single pane windows
  • Uninsulated floor
  • Square gable vents
  • Pressure treated porch with square posts
  • Fiberglass entrance door
  • Engineered, 90 PSF ground snow load roof
  • Architectural shingles

The "Rockwood" Certified, One Bedroom - $146,950 without laundry or $147,375 with laundry space.

Certified Maine CampThe Rockwood is designed to be the answer to having a small home, certified for Maine where building codes could be an issue. It costs more than the Sebec and Acadia but the 22'x 26' size gives a more efficient and comfortable living space. Extend that space to the outside by spending warm summer evenings on the open porch. This home/camp comes completely finished with pine on the interior and log siding on the exterior. Easily heat this cozy space with a heat pump, small woodstove, or pellet stove. Options are limited in order to keep the costs down but floor covering and kitchen can be customized to some extent.

Visit the details page on the Rockwood cabin for more information.

    Price includes:
  • Installation on your foundation
  • Finished exterior with log siding
  • Full interior finish including kitchen, bathroom fixtures, insulation, flooring, walls, and ceiling finish.
  • 12'x6' porch
  • Home inspections as it's built to meet Maine building code.

Acadia Camp

Acadia camp and cabinThe Acadia cabin has an upgraded cedar log porch along with other features listed below. Spend your summers on the lake or in the woods in style with this camp. It's available in sizes ranging from 12'x24' to a generous 14'x56'. The 5 largest sizes can be completely finished with a full bath, kitchen, pine board interior along with insulation and durable vinyl plank flooring. Order an optional screened porch to be able to enjoy the outdoors on those buggy summer evenings!

Some of our business minded customers have ordered groups of these to rent out to others for summer enjoyment. The Acadia pictured here is with the optional web porch.

    Price includes:
  • 3 insulated windows (6 or more on 36' and longer)
  • Insulated floor
  • Soffit and ridge vents
  • Cedar porch with railings
  • Fiberglass entrance door
  • Engineered, 90 PSF ground snow load roof
  • Architectural shingles with roofing paper

Simple presure treated porch - #856
Sebec with pressure treated porch and square posts - #856
Camp with web porch option- #11668
Acadia camp with log railing and cathedral ceiling - #11668
Printable Price Sheet

The brochure on the left contains sample floor plans for the 3 models. Use these as a starting point for your own design. One question that we get asked is if these are 'tiny homes' or can be made into one. We aren't allowed to sell them as such. They make perfect part time cabins for recreational use. For full time living please check our certified log sided homes here. or the one bedroom "Rockwood".

Hill View Mini Barns builds 3 styles of painted camps. These economical camps are ideal for hunting camps or lakeside cabins. They range in size from the 12' wide models to spacious 14'x48' cabins.

There are many additional features that allow you to customize your cabin to your needs within the options that we offer. Porches allow for rainy day expansion.

All of our camps and cabins are pre-built as much as possible in the shop to minimize on site construction thus saving you time and money. If you'd like to find out more about our sturdy camps give us a call at 207-269-2800, or e-mail.

Hill View Mini Barns has been building these camps for customers all across Maine for many years. We've built seasonal rental buildings for campgrounds, hunting camps for the sportsman, and lakeside cabins for low maintenance vacations.

Katahdin Camp

Acadia camp and cabinSpacious and right at home in the Maine woods is the Katahdin camp. This cabin features a 8 to 10/12 pitch to give more space inside. The log rail porch is beautiful and allows you to kick your shoes off under a covered space.
Upgrade to a metal roof so the snow slides off more easily. Double pane windows are standard as well as the loft area over the porch. Available in 18'x32' to roomy 24'x36'. Save money by getting this shell-only recreational camp

    Price includes:
  • Insulated windows
  • Soffit and ridge vents
  • Catheral ceiling
  • Loft area over porch
  • Cedar porch with railings
  • Fiberglass entrance door
  • Engineered, 80 PSF ground snow load roof
  • Architectural shingles with roofing paper
Maine lodge interior
Interior sleeping loft on Katahdin camp
Recreational camp for Maine lodge
Katahdin camp with loft area over porch

Camp with dormer and log rail porch
#54 - This Camp features a dormer over the
sliding glass door. Deck by others.
Camp with log porch
Camp with log porch

** Note - The Sebec and Acadia not sold or certified as homes. The Rockwood is a one bedroom camp certified for Maine.

Depending on material prices at the time, there may be a lumber surcharge added on all posted prices. Please call for current pricing.

Options for Painted SmartSide® Camps

24"x36" Vinyl, Thermopane
30"x36" Vinyl, Thermopane
36"x40" Vinyl, Thermopane
36"x60" Vinyl, Thermopane, Egress
18"x27" Vinyl, Thermopane
Flower Box
Insulated Door no Glass
Insulated Door with Glass (9-lite)
Sliding Glass Door
4'x width of building
6'x width of building
6’ screened porch (with cedar floor
& V match pine interior)
Pressure treated frame
Insulated, Metal Chimney
Metal Roofing - 5/12 pitch, custom colors

Sample Plumbing Pit Installation

Recreational Camp concrete accesss pit
Sample concrete pit for camp water hook up.

This is the best way to get your water/sewer hook up in a camp when you're setting it on a gravel base. The box and pipes must be flush to the ground. The pit extends under the building as well as outside the building. You then have access to the plumbing going into the building and your connections can easily be made and maintained in the future. For more information please click on the photo and sample pdf. One of the salesmen would be glad to talk to you about the details.

Recreational Camp concrete accesss pit
Access for water and electrical connections
Recreational Camp concrete accesss pit
Utilities access sample

Recreational Camp FAQ

Delivery schedule varies between camp models and a shell versus a finished product. As we get orders through the spring and summer, the timeframe could extend out many weeks. Please contact us at 207-269-2800 and ask for a sales rep near you for an up to date lead time.
We generally deliver throughout all of Maine For certain styles we would also go to New Hampshire and parts of Vermont and Massachusetts. Pricing varies out of the state of Maine. Please contact our Lyman office at 207-269-2021 to discuss delivery pricing out of state.
Make sure there is at least 2’ wider than your building in tree clearance and 14’+ in height for tree clearance. Pictures are always helpful. Please contact us at 207-269-2800 and ask for a sales rep near you to discuss possibilities of a site check.
We can manufacture as large as 14x48 or order our single bedroom 22'x26' camp/home.
Yes, our camps are manufactured in Etna, Maine (We've been building storage sheds, camps and garages for over 22 years in Maine).
At this point we do not offer a loft model, including the Katahdin.
Yes, we offer different levels of finish on the Acadia camp only. We can provide rough electrical and plumbing, insulation (including sprayfoam), pine interiors or any combination of those. Please contact us at 207-269-2800 and ask for a sales rep near you to discuss our finish options.
Site prep varies depending on your goals for your camp. We can set our camps on a gravel pad, concrete slab, sono tubes, frost wall or foundation. For further information please contact us at 207-269-2800 and ask for a sales rep near you.
Delivery is a separate charge applied depending on the size of the camp. For more details on delivery charges please contact us at 207-269-2800 and ask for a sales rep near you.
Yes, we can customize with many of the options that we offer. Please contact us at 207-269-2800 and ask for a sales rep near you to discuss the possibilities.

All of these camps are assembled and ready-to-go and can be delivered to your site. Delivery charges vary, depending on your location. Please call to price building, options, and delivery.

We can prepare your gravel base for your horse barn!

Call 207-269-2800 or email to find out more about these camps