Park Model RV

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Park Model RV

What's a Park Model RV?

The Park Model RVs are similar to our finished camps but built on a heavy duty tri-axle trailer frame.

Classified as an RV for mobility and recreational use.
What this means to you?
- It can typically go closer than your regular setbacks since it's classified as an RV. **Please contact your town for restrictions and get prior approval from them before purchasing.
- It may not add to your property tax since its considered to be 'tangible personal property' rather than 'real property' due to its mobility.

  • Manufactured and sold for recreational use - in a campground, RV park or on your own property. Perfect to set up at a lake or in the Maine woods for a safe, secure place to vacation!
  • It can be sold at a later date and easily moved like you would with a larger RV.
  • The Park Model RV look more like a tiny home than an RV. They have wood or vinyl sided exterior and beautiful pine interior with solid wood doors.
  • Complete with full sized 30" range with a fan/microwave combo above.
  • Too hot or cold? Get the temperature just right with the included 12,000 BTU heat pump
  • Built to RV standards - Each building comes with the RV industry association seal.
  • Roof built to 70 LB ground snow load - the pitched roof sheds snow better than a regular RV. And limited lifetime metal roofs are standard!
Current lead time for Park Models is 10-14 weeks.
Park Model RV with porch
#11633 with porch
RV kitchen
Park Model RV bunk
Park model sofa bed
Bunk locker for RV
Queen bed in RV Park Model
Full vanity for RV
Complete wardrobe for RV Park Model
Other features on most sizes included:
~ R-13 wall insulation
~ R-19 floor and roof insulation
~ 50 amp electrical panel
~ Pine cabinetry
~ Bed and mattress (queen size in some models)
~ Full sized shower
~ 12,000 BTU mini split heat pump.
~ Protective metal on base covering the floor insulation
~ Porch on some models

Available in lengths: 30', 36', 37'-3", and 41'-6" long. There's a 400 Sq ft limit for Park Model RVs
Please call one of the offices at 207-269-2800 for more information!

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RV vinly siding colors

Available metal roof colors

black metal RV roofing
bronze metal RV roofing
green metal RV roofing
dark red metal RV roofing
Dark Red
charcoal metal RV roofing