Modular Homes -

Why buy a modular home from Hill View Mini Barns?

  • They're built in a climate controlled environment- saving costs and keeping materials in top condition.
  • You don't lose time and money due to bad weather.
  • They look beautiful on any property.
  • These homes are available in over 5 styles and many sizes.
  • On-site construction is kept to a minimum- you're able to enjoy your home sooner.
  • Quality materials go into each building.
  • We've been selling and installing these same buildings for several years and we've been in the construction business for over 12 years.
  • From the design layout to the final details- the experienced team at Hill View Mini Barns will see that your home is built right.

The staff at Hill View Mini Barns will take the time to make sure that your new home is one that you'll be pleased with for years to come. Each certified home goes through an inspection process as it's being built. If you're getting bank financing, most of these homes meet the details that banks require.

Modular home The porch pictured on the left is on a 26'x42' Settler with daylight basement. Image sitting on your porch looking out over the lake this summer! The Settler is available in up to 3 bedrooms.

So..what are you waiting for? A modular log sided home could be just what you need. Call 207-269-2800 or come in to talk to one of our sales staff. They'll give you free estimates and plans that you can study- and guide you through the process when you're ready to order.

Call for manufacturer information

This log sided home has a lot of customer added features that were done by local contractors and may not be available on our standard homes. Please contact one of our local sales reps for an estimate on your own Cozy Cabin, log sided home!

Take a virtual tour!

Holden, Maine display home 2015 (#16907)

Holden, Maine display home front - #16907
Holden, Maine display home porch - #16907
Holden, Maine display home landscaping - #16907
Holden, Maine display home front - #16907
Holden, Maine display home heat exchanger inside with vinyl woodgrain wrap - #16907
Holden, Maine display home - Kitchen view - #16907
Holden, Maine display home. Living room - #16907
Holden, Maine display home. Mud room with 1/2 bath - #16907
Holden, Maine display home. Main bath - #16907
Holden, Maine display home. Bedroom - #16907
Holden, Maine display home. bedroom #2 - #16907
Holden, Maine display home. Heat pump exterior view - #16907

#9419 Log Home - #1
#9419 Log Home - #2
#9419 Log Home -#3
#9419 Log Home - #4

Ask for a quote on the foundation work as well as the home.

Call 207-269-2800 or email to find out more about these homes